Potty Time

Boon Potty Bench potty rental Kelowna
Price: $6/day | $36/week

Boon's Potty Bench has two enclosed side storage spaces perfect for books, training supplies and wipes. The sturdy drawer slides out for fast, leak-free, easy clean-up. Close the lid and the whole thing turns into a large step stool. It even comes with a built-in toilet paper holder and removable, soft deflector shield that flexes where it counts.

Why break the potty routine just because you're away from home?
Now your little one can stay on track.

Potty seat potty seat rental Kelowna
Price: $3/day | $15/week

The transition from diapers to the potty is an important, confidence building time for toddlers. This special time is a rite of passage from babyhood to childhood. Toddlers are smaller than we are, and the seats that we use can be intimidating if not downright scary. Remember the thoughts you had of "falling in"?

This Potty insert seat has been specifically designed and formed to fit your toddler as well as your toilet. It makes potty training fun for everyone.

Diaper Genie
diaper genie rental Kelowna
Price: $4/day | $20/week

Keep baby’s room smelling fresh with the Diaper Genie Disposal System. Its unique features lock in odors. Because a happy nose means a happy baby.